S - Red Rock Horseshoe Cut Spike Nail Ring, Black Iron Finish


Horseshoe and Wrought Iron Fixed Towel Ring. Made With Real Forged Horseshoes and Real Cut Spike Nails. Solid Fixed 6" Steel Ring. The Cut Spike Nail is Made on an Authentic (circa 1865) Nailer. Pyramid Head Mounting Screws Complete the Rustic Look. Designed and Handmade in the USA by High Country Iron LLC.

All High Country Iron Products are Solid, Forged and/or Welded Wrought Iron. They do Not Come Apart. They are Not Adjustable. 

Ready to Ship Item.

  • Black Iron Hand Rubbed Finish.
  • Closed Fixed Towel Ring, Does Not Swivel or Turn.
  • Decorative Pyramid Head #8 Screws.
  • All Dimensions are Approximately.
  • Outside Dimensions: W: 6";  H: 11";  D: 2 1/2".

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